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Wayside Market

469 South Old Middletown Rd

Media, PA 19063

Deli - Catering - Grill - Restaurant

"the place for food and family"

Mon. & Tues. 8am-7pm     Wed.- Sat. 8am-8pm

Closed Sundays

A Wayside family favorite salad is the Blackened Chicken Salad thats topped with fresh blackened grilled chicken with blue cheese crumbles and apple slices. Mmmm Mmmm!

There's plenty where that came from. Our clubs are delicious tripple-decker sandwiches made with freshly sliced meats and cheeses. Our Wayside Club is one of our most popular clubs and our Wayside Wrap is also one of our most popular wraps.

Our wraps are also made with high quality, freshly sliced meats and wraped on 12" wheat or regular tortilla. The wraps are also available to get on Party Trays, check out our Catering Menu to pick some out for your next event.

Hot, Mild, Medium, and Hurt-Me-Hot (our own level of heat that will definitely make you cry) we've got all these flavors of chicken wings that we bake ourselves and then fry up to perfection for you!

We also have Wing Trays available on our Catering Menu for you to take to a party.

Our chicken fingers are large chicken strips and served in incraments of five or in a two, three or four piece platter with French fries.

Speaking of French fries, you have to try our Bacon Cheese Fries made with Jersey Shore fries, Cheese Whiz, and freshly cooked bacon! Yum!

We have lots of other sides too- Check out our menu to see what you'll order next.



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